How to Book:

To book one of our gorgeous stripograms Kissograms, firstly you should select the area you are looking to book a stripper.

The search should return the available performers in that area. Next you need to choose which sexy stripper you would prefer to attend your bash which we require you pick two as a first and second choice.


Once you have chosen, simply complete the online form and submit it to us or alternatively pick up the phone and give us a call.

Once we have the details for your enquiry, we will check the availability of your chosen performer and get back to you as soon as possible with the answer.

If your first selected act is not available, we will check with your second choice then in the unlikely event they too are not available, will let you know which ones are free for your date.


At, unfortunately we regret to say we do not arrange venues/bars/nightclubs etc for your act to perform in. This should be pre-arranged by yourselves and it is very important that permission is obtained first so as to avoid any complications on the evening.

If any problems do arise and the stripper cannot perform at your chosen venue, no refund will be issued so please do ensure this is pre-arranged with the venue


A price will be given to you based upon your individual requirements such as location, type of act etc taking into consideration any travelling costs that may be incurred by the performer.

Once you have decided to book your act, we will request the payment in full leaving you to simply turn up on your evening and await the surprise without worrying about any outstanding monies owed.

This can be made by either sending a cheque/po order to our office or by credit/debit card over the phone.

Please be aware all credit cards carry a 3% surcharge while debit cards have a £2.00 transaction fee.

Confirmation Of Booking:

Once your booking has been made we will require a valid email address to which we send your booking confirmation. This will detail the venue, times, act etc which you will need to check to make sure all is correct. Any errors should be reported to us immediately so we can adjust the information where necessary.


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