Q - Do you cover the whole of the UK ?
A- Yes we have most towns and cites covered, but please check to make sure first.

Q - How much do you charge?
A - This depends on a number of factors and type of stripper you require. A price will be emailed to you or a member of our team will call you.


Q - Do you arrange a venue for the stripper to perform?
A Unfortunately not. We require you to pre-arrange this with a venue before booking one of our performers to avoid any problems on the night. This is very important so as to avoid any complications as no refunds will be issued in the event.

Q Am I guaranteed to get the stripper I picked?
A We require you to select two choices from the selection of performers. We will confirm with you which one is available for your date then that is the act that will turn up to your event. In some cases a substitute may be made if for example an unforeseen circumstance arose which meant your chosen stripper could not attend at the last minute. Either way if this is the case, we will try our very best to contact you to inform you of the change.

Q - How do we pay?
A- Payment is required in full and can be made by cheque/PO or credit/debit card over the phone.

Q - Do you send us details of our booking?
A - Yes you will receive a confirmation of booking that includes all relevant details which will be emailed across to you so please ensure a valid email address is provided.

Q - What if we don't like our stripper?
A - We provide pictures and descriptions for each one of our acts which you will have previously viewed so we ask you to select carefully by choosing a stripper you feel will best suit your requirements.
Unfortunately unless a problem arose which was the fault of the performer or ourselves, no refunds can be issued.

Q Can I choose a specific outfit for my performer?
A Some of our performers have a choice of costumes which gives you the opportunity to choose however not all do. In most cases these will be listed on the individuals page however a choice will be sent to you upon booking if available.

Q - How do I know my stripper will turn up?
A - We only use strippers that are reliable and experienced. If a stripper did not show and had not given a good enough answer why, then we do not use them again. In all cases the customer would receive a full refund.

Q What if I need to cancel after I have paid?
A Our cancellation policy requires all cancellations be made no later than 5 days prior to the event. In this time scale a refund will be issued minus a small admin charge to cover work carried out which is usually £10.00.
If your cancellation comes within the 5 days, no refund will be issued as the performer may have turned down other work for the same date so will therefore require payment to cover this.

Q What's the difference between a Stripogram and a Kissogram?
A A stripogram will perform an act of a teasing strip routine that usually involves dancing to music, baby oil, whipped cream and more depending on the individual. Emphasis will be on the recipient who will be the centre of the performers attention.
The act will last on average approx 15-20mins. These acts are ideal for stag and hen parties, birthday bashes, ladies nights or just a general party.
A Kissogram will do pretty much the same as the above but a tamer version without removing any clothes. These performers are more suited to a recipient that would not appreciate anything too raunchy or perhaps a venue that will have children present.


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