specialise in providing high quality Stripograms ,Kissagrams across the UK for any occasion.

Our strippers are ideal for birthdays, stag & hen parties, retirements, general parties etc. Whatever the celebration our strippers are guaranteed to put a smile on everybody's face with their tantalizing teasing and cheeky routines.

Having a stripper attend your party is a sure fire way of spicing up a night especially if the recipient is unsuspecting!


Most of our performers have a choice of outfits which can be ideal for surprising your victim. Say for example an Officer or PWC may interrupt the party to take down some particulars before giving an arresting performance or a sexy Fireman may be called to extinguish the fire that is sure to start once the heated strip gets underway!

Of course if a full strip isn't quite appropriate for the occasion, we have plenty of kissograms available to attend your party who will save your blushes by keeping their clothes on.


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